planned surgery

Planned Surgery: Important reminders what to do before it happens

1. Patient Evaluation

This protocol applies specifically to shoulder and knee surgery cases for planned surgery. A comprehensive evaluation will be carried out first, a diagnosis is reached and option of treatment are discussed. Conservative treatment is carried out. If surgery is indicated and you have surgery, the following information should be helpful in answering commonly asked questions regarding planned surgery.

2. Surgery

a) Food and water intake must be terminated at midnight of the evening before your planned surgery. This means that you should not eat or drink anything.

(Special circumstances regarding food and water may apply to you. Please contact Dr. Feder for instruction if you are taking any special medication (e.g. blood pressure medication, etc.)

b) Loose, comfortable clothing should be worn to the hospital. For knee patients, we suggest loose fitting sweats. For shoulder surgery patients, we suggest an oversized shirt of loose fitting blouse.

c) Basic toiletries are provided by the hospital. Women who are staying overnight may want to bring along make-up. In addition, it is most helpful if patient keep their nail bed free of polish, as circulation is checked through the nail bed.


Pre-Surgery day should be a calm and relaxed day


3. Further Pre-surgical information

a) Hospital admission varies, depending on your length of stay for the planned surgery. For outpatient procedures, you should report to Outpatient Registration. For inpatient procedures, please report to the Admitting Office.

b) You must contact admitting office at Beach District Surgery Center/Marina Del Rey Hospital prior to admission day in order to pre-admit. This will reduce waiting time at the hospital and smooth the process on the day of planned surgery.

c) We recommend that the pre-surgical evaluation, surgical clearance and Preop tests, history and physical are performed by the Westchester Medical Group or your own MD. If your own MD is utilized it is imperative that you have your history and physical, as well as ,labs/tests delivered to West Coast at least one day prior to planned surgery.

This will allow ample time for necessary, pre-surgical tests to be performed. At the option of the patient, pre-surgical tests can be performed at the surgical center. Please report to the hospital/surgical center three hours before the scheduled time of your planned surgery.

4. Lab tests

Lab tests include but are not limited to:

– CBC (Complete Blood Count)
– *Blood Chemistry
– UA (Urinary Analysis)
– *Chest X-Ray
– *EKG/ECG (if indicated)

• For patients who are over 40 years of age of have a special medical condition. All patients require a preoperative history and physical. This may be carried out by your own family practicioner/internist or you will be referred to one by West Coast Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine. If your private physicians carry this out, the history and physical and test results must be sent to West Coast and brought to the surgical center/hospital.

5. Assessment by surgical center

Includes a brief interview. At this time a member of the nursing staff will ask you some questions and provide any assistance you may need before your planned surgery.

6. Anesthesia

The anesthesiologist is a medical doctor with a postgraduate training in administering drugs that regulate body functions and control pain. His/her responsibilities during surgery are focused on safety maintaining the vital functions of the body and on preventing pain.

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