Happy Feet

By Dr. Carol Frey

Today: Treating your feet right –What to watch out for when entering a shoe store


High heels or flat shoes – happy feet are happy feet 🙂

Several studies have shown that shoes can be responsible for the majority of foot deformities and problems that physicians encounter in women. It’s true, shoe wear has its impacts on women’s feet. It’s also a problem that results in women being by far the majority of patients visiting orthopedists with foot complaints.

The agonies are countless: bunions, hammertoes, pinched nerves, corns and calluses But who is to blame? – The shoe industry? The women themselves? Retailers? – The crunch comes when women try to find dress shoes that fit their heel snugly but leave room for their toes at the same time.

For a shoe to give support or help, it has to give you heel control. To get this, many women buy shoes too tight across the base of their toes. The result is a very slender shoe which they believe women find appealing. It has gotten a lot better over the last couple years, but a lot of women can’t really find shoes that fit.

In order to help shoe buyers, here are some useful tips what to watch out for when you enter a shoe store:

– Walk off the shoe department’s carpeted area onto a harder surface to test your new shoe. Trade secret: Stores sometimes put extra padding under the carpeting because the soles are so thin.

– If you do have foot pain and you can’t find comfortable shoes, don’t hesitate to see your doctor or a foot specialist. You may also consider visiting a trained shoe fitter. Your shoes can be custom fit.

– Some people still think everyone’s feet hurt as they grow older. But from a professional standpoint, they don’t have to.

Lastly, don’t let a sales clerk talk you into buying killer shoes with the line “you just have to break them in and they’ll be fine”. There is no “No Pain, no Gain” rule here. You are not going to the gym ☺. You should be comfortable all the time!

Feet should always be happy – no matter what shoes you choose.

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