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At the West Coast Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine we try to keep our patients informed on what is trending in Orthopedics. And we really like what is trending these days.

Sports medicine has moved away from just caring for elite athletes to now care a lot more for the general public. The weekend warriors are now getting the same treatments that was reserved for elite athletes for many years.

And the general public is setting the trend to have less invasive procedures when it comes to injuries. Less surgery is what we are talking a out. And this orthopedics trend is lead by PRP treatments.

Non-operative treatments such as PRP can keep you away from surgery. And this is good news for everybody that does not like going under the knife. Where injuries like rotator-cuff injuries or meniscus tears would end on the operating table in the past. The new trend in orthopedics shows that PRP treatment can be a great alternative.

At the West Coast Center for Sports Medicine, PRP is one of our specialties. And we see more and more patients coming in and asking about this alternative to surgery.

Platelet rich plasma injections, in which a patient’s own platelets are injected into the knee or problem area have shown evidence of success in many studies now. PRP started in dentistry and then in spinal care but took off when high-profile athletes used it.

What a lot of people don’t know is that PRP has changed the mindset of may doctors these days. Meniscus tear surgery for older people for example now is viewed with more caution thanks to evidence showing that it accelerates arthritis and the need for a knee replacement.

Overall the trend shows that there are many surgical treatments that over time have gone away in orthopedics. Of course, people should do what they can to minimize the chance of needing anything done. A healthy weight is important to keep from stressing joints. Exercise to keep the muscles controlling joints strong. Vary exercise to stave off injury and to keep all muscles conditioned is key as well to keep this positive trend going.

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