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Shoulder Rotator Cuff Reconstruction – Post OP Schedule 

Every patient that undergoes shoulder rotator cuff reconstruction should be aware of a certain protocol that kicks in post OP. Our clinic follows this protocol to the T, and it makes perfect sense on a clear road to recovery.

First you will be scheduled as an out-patient. You will be given your prescriptions prior to surgery. Pls fill your prescriptions before surgery, so you have them ready to take after your shoulder surgery.

Do NOT remove the surgical dressing following your surgery, KEEP dressing dry (to prevent infection). Contact the office if any issues with the dressing come up. This dressing will be removed in the MD office at your first post OP visit to the office.

You will wear  your shoulder sling for four weeks following your rotator cuff surgery. Depending on physician preference or approval, you may receive a CPM machine at four weeks post surgery.

Use the ice machine continuously, allow ice to melt then refill (if one is provided by your insurance). Bags of ice may be substituted for the ice machine; just make sure your sutures and dressing remain dry in the process (15-20 minutes of regular ice pack per hour). Keep sutures/dressings dry.

No lifting or reaching with shoulder after shoulder rotator cuff reconstruction. Begin shoulder rotation (IR/ER) from stomach to ONLY neutral position. DO NOT GO further than neutral position. Typing and writing as tolerated.

Three or four days after your shoulder surgery follow up with another appointment at the West Coast Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine. Use cryotherapy/EMS swim unit if provided. Always keep a barrier between skin and ice pad (we recommend putting the cryo-pad (ice machine pad) in a pillow case, so it’s not directly against the skin.

Wear your shoulder/sling/immobilizer at all times for four weeks following surgery including when in bed and/or sleeping. No lifting of arm/shoulder away from body. ER rotation to neutral only.

Pain Management Protocol

You will be discharged with prescription medications to help control pain and inflammation. We will give you prescriptions for a Cox 2 type NSAIDS (anti inflammatory) such as; Celebrex or Mobic and pain medicine such as; Ultracet/Ultram, Norco/Vicodin. You will take post OP oral antibiotics for three days after your shoulder surgery. All prescriptions are based on patient needs/allergies/procedures performed.

Seven to ten days past your surgery you should come back to the office for suture removal. You may take a bath or shower after suture removal, unless directed otherwise by Dr. Feder. If you are beginning to discontinue the use of prescriptions given to you for pain and inflammation, make sure that  you use the ice and muscle stimulation unit as an external pain management tool.

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