wco-blog-prp02If you’ve failed traditional non-surgical treatments like HA injections or physical therapy and are hoping to avoid surgery, PRP therapy could be just what you need. We invite you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Keith Feder #westcoastorthopedics #sportsmedicine #Manhattanbeach to find out whether you are the perfect candidate for this very affordable treatment.

PRP can treat injuries to your knee(s) from activities such as playing basketball or football, jogging, weight lifting, or even everyday things like climbing stairs or walking.

You may also want to consider PRP therapy if you have nagging pain from previous injuries like tripping and landing on your knee, or being involved in a car accident. Schedule a PRP consultation with one of our physicians or your primary care doctor to determine if you’re a good candidate for this new procedure.

  1. February 16, 2017

    this sounds interesting. I wonder if it can help my ankle?
    anybody ever tried this?

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