wco-blog-prp00Bone marrow stem cell therapy is a very versatile treatment with a wide range of applications. At WCCOSSM in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, CA, we use this innovative treatment to promote healing in small and large joints such as hips, knees, ankles and elbows. For patients whose condition has been unresponsive to conservative approaches, bone marrow stem cell therapy has become a possible alternative to surgery. Some injuries, however, are so extensive that surgery is required. Even in surgical situations, our team of world class physicians often add bone marrow stem cells in the operating room to potentially speed healing and regulate inflammation and pain naturally.

Stem cell therapy is still very new, and as such we are constantly evaluating its efficacy in treating various conditions. Controlled trials and studies are continually being conducted to better understand optimal indications and techniques. As of now, it has been shown to have promising results with the following conditions:

  • Improving painful joints with cartilage damage and osteoarthritis
  • Improving degenerative vertebral discs of the spine
  • Healing tendons and ligaments
  • Healing bone fractures

Do you have an injury and think bone marrow stem cell therapy might help? Has your injury been unresponsive to other, more conservative and traditional approaches? Are you looking to avoid surgery? If so, please call West Coast Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine today to schedule a consultation. Call 310-416-9700.

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