You Don’t Have to Let Osteoarthritis OA Knee pain Keep You From Enjoying Life

So, your knees don’t want to serve you the way they used to anymore. They hurt, the doctor says you suffer from Osteoarthritis OA knee pain. Not a good thing when it has the word arthritis in it.

struggling with osteoarthritis OA knee pain

You think your life as an athlete weekend-warrior is over which means no more tennis, no more pickup basketball, no more running on the weekends, no more fun in the sun on your favorite surfboard. Just because the knees won’t allow it. Of course you are depressed, of course you think your athletic life is over.

don't let Osteoarthritis OA knee pain keep you off the court

But wait a minute! There is a way back to healthy living and fitness. There is hope. Dr. Feder and his team can help! We mean it. Osteoarthritis OA knee pain is NOT the end of the road.

Osteoarthritis OA knee pain knee pain of the knee is serious, no question about it. It means your level of hyaluronic acid – that’s the acid that helps cushioning your knee – is too low so the bones of your knees begin to rub against each other. For real pain relief, West Coast Center for Orthopedic Surgery needs to step in.

Osteoarthritis OA knee pain


Our team of experts uses a non-surgical injection therapy that relieves pain. As a result, we will help you get back out onto that field, court, track or the Surfboard!

Osteoarthritis OA knee pain healing

We offer multiple treatments, depending on the severity of your Osteoarthritis OA knee pain. You can feel improvement with multiple non-surgical options that include PRP, A2M, Hyaluronic Acid, topical anti-inflammatory in combination with a specific regimen that includes increasing flexibility, low impact exercise and focused weight training.

If you feel this treatment could be a way back for you to a healthy lifestyle, then please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment today. You can do so here on our website or call us at 310-416-9700.


…because your life as an athlete doesn’t have to end with a little bit of knee pain. We are happy to serve you and get you back on that court!

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