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is an expert when it comes to treating “jumper’s knee” and ,,Osgood-Schlatter”

Lesson in Sports Medicine: Here is what you need to know when your doctor is talking to you about “Jumper’s Knee” and ,,Osgood-Schlatter”


Quadriceps and patellar tendinitis are both considered “jumper’s knee”. This injury is an inflammation of the quadriceps tendon. “Jumper’s knee” is a true overuse injury. We see it mostly in basketball and volleyball players because of the hard surface on which these sports are played. The intense jumping does not help either.

The first line of treatment is PRICE MM. It stands for Protect, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and two more aspects called Modalities and Medication – PRICE MM. The “jumper’s knee” will not get better unless there is rest and avoidance of jumping. Stretching and strengthening of the quadriceps is important for rehabilitation.

A well cushioned shoe will help prevent the pain from coming back. Knee straps may be used to give some relief from “jumper’s knee”. If the athlete just plays through the pain, there is a risk of rupture of the tendon.


This is an overuse injury – similar to “jumper’s knee”. It occurs where the patellar tendon attaches to the shinbone (tibia) in the lower leg. The site is actually a growth plate. Repetitive jumping and running can cause micro fractures at the growth plate. The ongoing injury and repair cycle causes the characteristic bump under the kneecap.

The first treatment is PRICE MM. The athlete may have to stop the sport for some period of time in order to become pain free. In some severe cases, a cast may be necessary. When pain free, stretching and strengthening begins.

If the athlete is pain free, he or she may return to sports. The end of growth brings closure to the growth plate and usually fixes the problem. surgery is considered only if the resultant bump is painful. The bone spur is removed, and the problem usually goes away.

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