The LA Dodgers are taking on the Houston Astros in the World Series. Maximizing performance, avoiding injuries and maintaining endurance will be essential for winning the trophy. But high velocity pitching can trigger shoulder and elbow injuries.

Dodgers elbow injuries

What a year it’s been for the LA Dodgers! – And what a year it’s been for the MLB. Record home runs in a single season, excting games and high intensity performances. But those pitches can lead to injuries. As everybody who has thrown a softball or baseball knows. Dr. Keith Feder and his team at the West Coast Center for Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine only know too well how to deal with shoulder and elbow injuries.

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Says Dr.Feder: “The rotational velocity at the shoulder and elbow can create friction and even inflammation in these joints.” That is one of the reasons why professional or even college pitchers need to rest after playing a full game. “It’s essential for the joints to be able to recover after high intensity”, says Dr. Feder.

And thankfully most soreness that occurs after a game can be fully resolved with the appropriate rest. “We at the West Coast Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine have had a lot of experience with shoulder and elbow injuries. Our athletic staff is well trained as to what an athlete needs to do to heal his shoulder or elbow”, states Dr. Feder.

Pitchers elbow injuriesHowever, repetitive micro trauma can create damage to the labrum and rotator cuff of the shoulder to a point where structural damage in the throwing shoulder requires surgical intervention with arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

Research shows, that of 3,185 elbow injuries in the MLB from 2011 to 2014, surgical treatment was required for 20% of the injuries. Pitchers were also most likely to require surgery and had the greatest mean number of days missed when treated non-surgically.

“Pitchers are under a tremendous amount of stress when they throw the ball”, says Dr. Feder. But injuries can be treated successfully.







prp elbow injuries

STEM CELL AND PRP-treatment can help partial injuries to the ligament. Both are available at West Coast Center for Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine 866-591-4844. Complete ruptures, however, do require surgery.

Whatever your medical needs might be, make sure to look up Dr.Feder and his team and schedule an appointment at 866-591-4844. Our treatment facility in Manhattan Beach offers plenty of parking, a friendly staff and professional expertise.

Dr.Feder has not only worked on professional athletes all his life, he’s also been and continues to be one. “I do know what it feels like to be sidelined and not to be able to g out there and play. I am on your side, and I will get you back to your favorite athletic activity”, says Dr. Feder

Call us at (866) 591-4844. We are here to help!

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