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wco-blog-shaq03#Shaquille O’Neal about Dr. Keith Feder

“I am grateful for everything Dr. Feder and his Foundation is doing for injured athletes. Dr. Feder’s skills and his compassion are unmatched in my book.”
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The #West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation hosted our #LEGENDS event honoring Shaquille O’Neal to raise money for our foundation and Teato Win. It was another slam dunk! Thank you to all our attendees and our sponsor, #HealthNet.

Team to Win: #WCSMF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable foundation that provides FREE sports medicine care; certified athletic trainers and sports medicine physicians at high schools; scholar athletes awards, college scholarships and sports medicine mentoring programs.The #WCSMF serves 22 high schools and 13,000 low income, at risk, underserved student athletes.

For 20 years TEAM to WIN has provided access to FREE medical care for over 280,000 high school student athletes and on-site medical care at 22 L.A. County Inner City Schools.


wco-blog-shaq01 See more photos from this great event over at the Team To Win / West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation site!

A Tribute to SHAQ Image Gallery
  1. February 16, 2017

    great stuff. love shaq. didn’t know he is a fan of Dr. Feder. That’s awesome!!!

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