football season

Football steps into high gear: The Super Bowl is upon us. Millions of fans watch the last game on television, excited to see their stars score and find the way to glory. Every little boy in America dreams to be the next big NFL star. And as parents we want to support that dream, but…

Jill Sleight

Jill Sleight receives Distinguished Service Award! Jill Sleight, our very own Executive Director and Co Founder of West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation (WCSMF) received a huge honor this week. She was presented with the CIF Southern Section or (CIFSS) Distinguished Service Award. The distinguished award was presented by Rob Wigod, CIF Southern Section Commissioner of Athletics….

football season

Football season at every High School in the US is about to start. And I am often asked if I would let my son play football. The number of times that I get asked this question has increased as the concerns about concussion has become a growing area of concern. I cringe when I hear…


Normally, it would be Football season at every High School in the US right now. But due to Covid-19, we are all playing the waiting game right now. The NFL has started without a live audience in the stadium, and some colleges have decided to go ahead and start the season. A good time to…


A Concussion Is a Brain Injury By Carol Frey MD Like the crazy cartoon characters who flop around in a daze with words like $%&@# in thought bubbles, kids can get conked on the head and can become disoriented during play or sports activities. You may have even heard a concussion described as “he got…

strength and conditioning

Strength and Conditioning – why these are the most important tools for young athletes     Strength and Conditioning programs for young athletes are means to prevent or reduce injuries. Published studies show that teams with good strength and conditioning programs have lower injury rates. I write about this in my book “Don’t Worry: My…


Would I let my son play Football? Americans love football! – But would I let my son play football? – There is a great deal of passion surrounding the sport of for the players and the fans. I believe that the football experience should not be taken away from the kids who want to play….

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