mental blocks

Mental Blocks in young athletes are more common than we think. Kids should be taught to overcome these mental blocks by first recognizing that there is a conscious (cognitive) mind and the unconscious (automatic) mind. The unconscious mind is a hard one to manipulate. The conscious mind can be helped by a sports psychologist, parent,…

food equals fuel

  Food equals fuel for all athletes. This blog tells you what young athletes should and should not eat. Breakfast is the most important meal. I don’t think that’s a big secret anymore. Best breakfast choices are fruit, yogurt, whole grain bread, cheese, protein shakes, eggs, meat, fish, avocado and whole grain pancakes or waffles….

Conditioning for the young athlete The majority of kids will have a good time playing sports, especially when the prepare for the activity. Kids should acquire skills, train their bodies, and learn to protect themselves so they are less at risk for injury. This is important for every sport. Young athletes need to learn the…

strength and conditioning

Strength and Conditioning – why these are the most important tools for young athletes     Strength and Conditioning programs for young athletes are means to prevent or reduce injuries. Published studies show that teams with good strength and conditioning programs have lower injury rates. I write about this in my book “Don’t Worry: My…

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