A2M helps with joint pain

A2M therapy can help with joint pain

A2M therapy – ever heard of it? If you suffer from debilitating joint pain, you might want to ask us next time you come in about A2M therapy. Joint pain often times is associated with osteoarthritis (OA). It’s basically a joint disease where the body experiences a breakdown of cartilage, and prevents for your joints to maintain smooth and painless movement.

The good news: researchers have recently identified a unique biomarker in painful inflammation. This biomarker is a great sign that our body responds well to A2M therapy.

Now, what is A2M? – A2M is also called the ,,miracle molecule”. It’s a molecule that exists in your blood. This special molecule helps to avoid the destruction of cartilage and the progression of OA; A2M accomplishes this by binding the proteases that degrade the cartilage cells and tissue and by filtering them out of the joint.

Your own body creates this very large protein in your liver which is carried via your bloodstream to your various organs. The name of the protein is alpha-2-macroblobulin (A2M).

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that some 27 million adult Americans are afflicted with osteoarthritis. Furthermore, it is estimated that 1 in 2 adults will get symptomatic knee osteoarthritis in their lifetime. Those are high numbers, and researchers are constantly looking for ways to ease the pain for patients. The A2M therapy might be the answer we all have been looking for.

With the combination of the aging Baby Boomer population, increased longevity of U.S. citizens and the obesity epidemic, OA today contributes even more heavily to the severe health and economic effects. Osteoarthritis often causes weakness and disability, and it can interfere with work productivity. Joint replacement seems to be the ultimate sacrifice a lot of people have to make.

A2M is called the “miracle molecule”

The benefits of A2M therapy are manifold. The majority of recipients spoke of a natural healing and a reduction of further deterioration of cartilage. Second, there is additional tissue growth from naturally occurring compounds in the bloodstream.

Most orthopedic surgeons are pretty excited about A2M, as it proves to be a serious advancement of treating OA. Scientists have spent years trying to develop a method of collecting alpha-2-macroglobulin from the blood stream and providing a relatively simple mechanism of delivering it into your arthritic knee.

Just recently, scientists at the Cytonics, Corp have perfected a method where they collect your own blood, and process it with a centrifuge and a proprietary filter. That in turn isolates and concentrates your own blood product down to a small portion of highly concentrated A2M. This concentration can be injected into your knee or any other osteoarthritic joint.

The research is revolutionary and might change the way we treat OA forever. This is good news for patients that suffer from painful joints. A2M might even replace the costly joint reconstruction treatment with time.

What do we currently tell patients to alleviate the pain symptoms of OA? – Whether it’s asprin, Tylenol or cortisone injections, none of these treatments are disease-altering. Sure, weight loss additional exercising helps to deal with arthritic pain. But a true treatment to actually halt the progression of deterioration of cartilage has been missing – until now!

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