PRP Therapy for Knee Pain
PRP Therapy for Knee Pain

PRP Therapy for Knee Pain

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Special PRP-Report


Knee Pain and how to treat it right


The great thing at the West Coast Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine is Dr. Keith Feder and his team get to talk to a lot of elite amateur and professional athletes as well as active weekend warriors.


Lately we have seen a lot of patients with knee injuries. Dr. Feder happens to be an expert when it comes to the care and treatment of knee injuries.


“It’s common to see patients coming in that have had trauma to the knee. It is often quite painful and if at the time of the injury, there was a pop, it may be a very significant injury it should evaluated, a diagnosis made, and treatment initiated quickly to prevent  it from getting worse”, says Dr. Feder.


You might be among those who have experienced the following symptoms in your knees:


Besides day to day discomfort you may have more significant pain and/or stiffness after a tough tennis match or a competitive basketball game. You could see some swelling, experience increased soreness, or instability.


Some knees make popping or clicking noises associated with pain. If that is the case, it’s time to come in and see us. We are happy to help.


The West Coast Center can be reached at 866-591-4844


Make no mistake, knee pain is serious and should not be ignored. Especially in our very active patients in and around Los Angeles, often times come in with an ACL injury, a MCL Sprain or even a small Meniscus tear. Most common among athletes of all levels, however, is Patellar tendinitis, jumpers or runners knee.


Of course, Dr. Feder – who has seen and diagnosed thousands of injured knees throughout his career, will examine the range of motion, stability and functional capacity of the injured knee first. ,,We do not send anybody home without having them examined thoroughly and properly, a diagnosis made and treatment initiated “states Dr. Feder.


Our goal at the West Coast Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine has and always will be to relieve our patients pain and return them to activity, and, as Dr. Feder states ,,proper diagnose and treat your injury so you can get back to what you like to do and live an active lifestyle.


PRP injections are an alternative and functional method


New and minimally invasive alternative methods have helped many patients to do exactly that. The damaged structure can often be repaired without surgery. PRP – which stands for Platelet rich Plasma –  heals your body from the inside out and can relieve knee pain.


“As a matter of fact, we have had so much success with PRP-treatments that I do not hesitate to recommend PRP to all of my patients who are suitable for the treatment plan”, says Dr. Feder.


PRP is simple. “Our blood is comprised of platelets as well as healing factors which can start or add to your body’s healing capability”, says Dr. Feder.


“They release a great mixture of growth factors that our body can use to repair damaged cells and tissue”, Dr. Feder continues.


PRP-Therapy requires the damaged knee to be injected with platelet rich plasma. The platelets function as a healing police that not only repairs the knee from the inside out, but can reduce the overall healing time and therefore pain. “It’s a great method, and patients that tried PRP are often astounded at the results”says Dr. Feder.


PRP-Therapy is very affordable and gets you back on your fitness track fast. “It’s truly an innovative miracle of modern medicine”, says Dr. Feder. Most patients experience significant improvement of the damaged knee “within four to six weeks”, says Dr. Feder.


Schedule an appointment today. Call 866-591-4844 and let us help you get your healthy knees back.


“We are happy to help. And we make it our mission to get you back on track”, Keith Feder MD continues.


And this Manhattan Beach doc is not just a man of his words, he also often uses the same treatments that he recommends to his patients that allows to keep competing and keeps his own jump shot going….

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