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More and more patients are asking about PRP Therapy. We have addressed this in several posts prior to this one, but it’s a topic that seems to be more on the forefront of everybody’s mind these days. We are happy to dive into PRP a little bit more.

PRP Therapy for Knee Pain

PRP Therapy for Knee Pain

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP Therapy is the process of injecting specially prepared plasma with an increased platelet count for the healing purposes.

Studies have shown that growth agents within concentrations of platelets may improve the healing process.

Several notable athletes have claimed that PRP injections into injured joints or tendons have improved their recovery times and made them go back to full strength at a much faster pace.


To prepare a PRP Therapy injection, blood is removed from a patient and inserted into a centrifuge to separate platelets from other blood cells. The platelets are then reinserted into the remaining blood. These platelets contain immense healing capabilities.

PRP has been a great success with patients that complain about knee injuries. Dr. Feder and his team will isolate the healing properties within the platelets and inject them into the injured or inflamed areas. The platelets can repair the damage and reduce your inflammation.

The great thing about PRP is that this fairly new treatment may help patients avoid surgery all together. It basically is a method where we can heal the knee or the ankle from inside out.

If you have any other questions about this new therapy, then please schedule an appointment with Dr. Feder and his team. Our office works with professional athletes, weekend warriors and just normal folk that want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. West Coast Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine is here to help you, and to be of service. Call 866 591 4844 to find out more.

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