Shoulder Surgery: The Right Way To Recovery

Shoulder Surgery can be tricky. Even more important is the recovery after shoulder arthroscopy. At the West Coast Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine we strictly follow our postoperative protocol.

1. You will be scheduled as a short stay surgery patient. This means that you most likely will go home the same day as your shoulder surgery. You will be given your prescriptions prior to surgery. Pleas fill your prescriptions before your shoulder surgery, so you have them ready to take.

2. You will wear your shoulder sling for one day only following surgery. Depending on Dr. Feders preference or approval, you might receive a CPM machine post shoulder surgery.

3. Use the ice machine continuously, allow ice to melt then refill. Bags of ice may be substituted for the ice machine; just make sure your sutures and dressing remain dry in the process. (15-20 minutes of regular ice pack per hour). Always keep a barrier between skin and ice pad, so it is not directly against the skin.

4. Physical Therapy arrangements should be made so you can begin formal Physical Therapy immediately following your shoulder surgery. Dr. Feder will provide a prescription to begin PT immediately following your surgery.


Post OP Day 1

a. begin range of motion exercises

b. no lifting or repetitive activities

c. use electrical stimulation/cryotherapy


Post OP Day 3/4

a. In office we will remove dressing, put band-aids on small portal sites, keep dry, and clean. 

b. Continue to progress with range of motion exercises. 

c. Follow up with the West Coast Center of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine. 

d. Okay to shower, per MD approval. Keep sutures dry and clean. 

e. Begin Physical Therapy. 


Four weeks postoperatively:

As you regain full range of motion, rotator cuff strengthening will begin at Physical Therapy.

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