Achilles Tendon Surgery

What is achilles tendon surgery?

The achilles tendon is the band of tissue that connects muscles in the calf to the heel. It is vital the acts of running, jumping and walking. The tendon can rupture due to trauma or injury and require surgical repair. Minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery is most often used to repair the achilles tendon.

Is achilles tendon repair surgery covered by insurance?

Medicare and most insurance plans will cover achilles tendon repair surgery.

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How quickly can I get back to my regular routine after achilles tendon repair surgery?

You can expect some pain during the first several days following the surgery. You will need to avoid putting weight on the affected leg for a few weeks, and wear a cast or walking boot for 6-12 weeks. Full recovery and a return to sports can take between 6 months and one year.

Are there any side effects to achilles tendon repair surgery?

All surgeries carry risks, but the arthroscopic nature of meniscus repair carries less risks than open surgery. Side effects are rare and can include injury to the nerves and blood vessels in the knee, joint stiffness, infection and blood clots.

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