Ankle Sprains: These rehabilitation exercises
will get you back on your feet

Ankle Sprains can be very painful, and the recovery can take time. That is why we wanted to share a couple very useful ankle sprains rehab exercises with you.

mThey will enable you to return to sports or normal activity faster! The steps in ankle sprains rehabilitation consist of restoring the ankle’s range of motion, building endurance, building strength, regaining normal balancing activity, and eventually return to normal activity.


1. Range of motion

Alphabet exercise. Apply an ice pack to your ankle sprain for 20 minutes. Then trace the alphabet with your big toe while hanging your foot over the edge of a couch or table. Do this three times a day. Discontinue the exercise when you have full ankle motion. Very helpful for ankle sprains!

2. Endurance

Start ankle sprains endurance exercises after you regain full ankle motion. Use a loop of elastic band 36 in. long (Theraband or a bicycle inner tube). Do 30 repetitions of each of the following exercises three times a day:

a. Plantar flexion. Hold one end of the elastic band with your hands and loop the other end around the ball of your foot. While pulling on the band, push the ball of your foot away from your body. Hold for three counts. Repeat!

b. Dorsiflexion. Loop one end of the elastic band around a secure object, such as the leg of a table, and the other end around your forefoot. Pull your forefoot backward toward your trunk. Hold for three counts. Great for ankle sprains!

c. Inversion. With the band looped around a secure object, sit in a chair. Keeping your heel on the floor, swing your forefoot inward. Hold three counts.

d. Eversion. Starting from the same position as in the inversion exercise but with the elastic band in the reverse direction, swing your forefoot outward. Hold for three counts.

3. Strengthening

When you can do the above mentioned exercises for ankle sprains easily and without discomfort, double the elastic band (make two loops) and do ten repetitions of the same exercises three times a day. Alternatively, do the exercises with a weight boot, or tape a weight plate or brick to the sole of an old tennis shoe. IN addition, do toe raise exercises as follows: Place the balls of your feet on a step , and rise and stand on your toes. Hold for three counts. Do the exercise with your feet pointed straight ahead, then inward, and then outward. Gradually progress to standing on one foot at a time.

4. Balance

Stork-leg exercise for ankle sprains. Raise your uninjured foot and stand only on the injured foot for one minute. Repeat for a total of five minutes, three times a day. Advance to standing on one leg with your eyes closed.

5. Functional activities

When you can walk without pain or a limp, proceed to straight-ahead jogging on a smooth surface, then to figure-eight running, and finally to zigzag running.

If you follow these suggested ankle sprains exercises to the tee, you should be back to normal in no time. Of course, always consult with us first to make sure every eventuality is being ruled out.

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